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HiYa, Welcome to Karate Kids!


We are excited  that you are interested in joining karate with Sensei Will. Sensei Will is looking forward to  karate and  is excited to teach you the principles, skills, and techniques of karate. Through out this year students will get to test for belts as they learn and master the different skills and techniques taught in each session. We look forward to each of our returning and new karate kids students reaching new goals, having fun, and excelling in Karate Kids.


            New and Returning Students


Hiya! Join Sensei Will and the Karate Kids club as students learn lifelong skills for self-defense, self-control and self-discipline. The class combines fun team building activities along with fundamental karate techniques such as the basic stance, board-breaking techniques, and as a student advances sparring. So come join us for karate with Sensei Will and the Karate Kids!


* Please note a $5.00 credit card processing fee will apply.





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