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Sensei Will has a second-degree black belt in traditional Okinawan Karate and has started several successful karate programs in the Atlanta area. With 10 years experience teaching and training children from varies grade levels, he has mastered how to connect with children and communicate with them on a level that they understand and learn the varies karate techniques and skills.


“As parents we found Coach Will to be very respectful, polite and humble. He displays a great attitude in his class.”​


“Mr. Will is an extraordinary teacher and human being. He is wonderful with children and I know my son always looks forward to his lesson and does not like to ever miss a session. He has anamazing work ethic, is very disciplined, punctual, has an easy going disposition, and is very passionate about teaching."


“The care that Mr. Will exudes for each of his studentswas first evident with his introductory call to our family welcoming us to the after school karate program. At that time, my husband and I provided a download of the goals and objectives that we were seeking from the karate program for our son. Even after two plus years, my husband and I continue to communicate with Sensei Will on a regular basis about our son's performance both in and outside of his karate instructions."


“After receiving Karate classes for about a year at school we decided to expandtheclasses to include private lessons. Wedid that notonly because wewere impressedwith Coach Will's dedication to the kids in his class, but most important because our daughter wanted to learn more and she wanted Coach Will to teach her."



“Sensei Will serves as a positive role model for our son."


“My son has grown very fond of Mr. Lam andlooks to him as both a sensei and a friend. My son has gone from a beginner white belt, advancing through orange to yellow belt inthe span of a year under Mr. Lam's teaching and direction."


“Sensei Will is great with children and communicates with them on a level they feel comfortable with and understand. My son's confidence and discipline has improved since starting lessons with Sensei Will.

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