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Appetizers - Session 1

Cooking Ninja students will begin their journey to becoming a Master Ninja chef with appetizers. Each of our (8) classes will focus on a different appetizer and kid friendly cooking techniques. By the end of session 1, each little Cooking Ninja will have new recipes to add to their growing cookbook.

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Fall Semester 2022

The Cooking Ninja




Session 1

Session 2

Spring Semester 2023 COMING SOON!

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Payments are also accepted via the options listed below:

Please contact us by e-mail for details. 

Baking - Session 2


Semester 2 introduces students to healthy and tasty baking. Each little Cooking Ninja will learn how to bake treats that the entire family will love.

Recreation of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas treats we all love will be showcased.

* Please note a 5% credit card processing fee will apply.

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