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HiYa, Welcome to Karate Kids!


We are excited  that your child is interested in joining karate with Sensei Will. Sensei Will is looking forward to another session of karate and excited to teach your child the principles, skills, and techniques of karate. Through out this year students will get to test for belts as they learn and master the different skills and techniques taught in each session. We look forward to each of our returning and new karate kids students reaching new goals, having fun, and excelling in Karate Kids and Karate Kids II.

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            Virtual Learning


Zoom Meeting Link  


Online Class hours


Time: 3:15 - 3:45 pm


Videos are now available for registered karate kids students. These videos are designed to not only keep you moving but help each student prepare for skills testing. 

You are now able to practice along with Sensei Will and continue your karate training. If you don't get it the first time, feel free to play the video as often as you like. You also have the option to contact Sensei Will at




Hiya! Does your little wolverine want to learn some new moves? Then join Sensei Will and the Karate Kids club as your child learns lifelong skills for self-defense, self-control and self-discipline. The class combines fun team building activities along with fundamental karate techniques such as the basic stance, board-breaking techniques, and as your child advances sparring. So come join us for karate with Sensei Will and the Karate Kids!






Good News for West Cobb Prep Families! Virtual learning is now available for all karate kids registered students. Please check your email for class instructions and opt in procedures.

Alternative Method of Payment

Payments are also accepted via the options listed below:

Please contact us by e-mail for details. 

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